Last Minute Gift Ideas

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Christmas is four days away and if you are a busy parent you may still have some shopping to do for your kids. One thing I know about kids is they always want the fancy new thing. Once a toy is two months old it goes in the garbage unless in can be donated to a dog or cat that wants to tear it to shreds. One thing I know about parents is they want to get their kids something that will last that serves some purpose. For instance, a lot parents get their kids Legos because their children enjoy it as a toy but it also serves as an educational tool.

I believe I’ve found a gift that parents can give their children that will satisfy both parties.

With the Sandy Hook shooting still in our memories children and parents alike are fearing for the children’s safety. So why not buy your kids something practical like a Bulletproof Backpack.

The Bulletproof Backpack is “designed for work or play”. It has slots for water bottles, rings and jewelry, an MP3 player as well as an NIJ IIIA bulletproof panel to thwart any would be gunmen.

And kids don’t think gun protective gift giving is a one way street, because I’m sure your dad would love the Bulletproof Brown Plaid Sportscoat. It’s designed for the office and the battlefield. The blue/cream plaid pattern says, “I’m still single ladies”. While the NIJ IIIA protection says, “I take on all comers”. School shootings are the fad now. But who knows when office shootings will make a retro comeback?

As for me, I don’t live in fear. Just get me a seasonal beer case and I’m good.