CIA Love Triangle – The Epilogue

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

CNN ran two articles today on how mistresses Jill Kelley and Paula Broadwell are trying to piece their lives back together. Both claim that the media is mischaracterizing them, worsening the situation.

Here’s the problem.

The core facts are pretty damning. Kelley, Broadwell, and Petraeus are three adulterers caught in a love triangle that was exposed when one of the women sent pithy emails to the other. The actions of all three are indefensible so Kelley and Broadwell should take a page from Petraeus’ book and not defend themselves. It would be like Pac Man Jones claiming in interviews that there was more footage on the strip club’s security camera that we didn’t see. (I know it’s a very topical reference.) Stop talking Pac Man. You are only making it worse.

Petraeus had the most to lose, but knew he was caught red handed and simply walked away. He’s 60 and all retiring early means to him is 1,000 less square feet on his retirement palace. Broadwell and Kelley weren’t known names before this scandal so my advice to them would be to stop doing interviews and they’ll be out of the headlines soon enough.