Chris Christie Swallows Pride, Later a Rotisserie Chicken

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Chris Christie was a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight tonight to discuss the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy. In that interview he heaped praise on Barack Obama for his leadership in the wake of this natural disaster.

I’m sure Romney was sitting in his hotel room somewhere watching this and had the Incredible Hulk reaction, busting his suit at it’s seams. This is a very influential republican, who officially endorsed him and was the headliner the first night of his convention, complementing the competition.

It’s a pretty high integrity move from Christie. He said in the interview that the welfare of his people was more important than the presidential election. Or maybe this is just part one of Christie’s master plan. He can’t run for president in 2016 if Romney wins. So he sabotages Romney at the last minute, hits the gym for the next few years, then hits the campaign trail in 2016 at a slim 175 pounds.

Either my theory is right or Christie is just being the kind of politician that we all want politicians to be. He’s being the kind that isn’t a total douche.