Drip, Drip, Drip…

By Michael Baker

So the story is out that Chief Justice Roberts originally planned on voting to invalidate Obamacare before changing his stance and joining with the Court’s liberal wing at the last minute.  Sure, this makes Roberts look bad, but the real story is that this info has been made public at all.  Leaks in the Executive and Legislative Branches are almost to be expected at this point, but can’t we still expect the Supreme Court to be above them?  I had thought so.

I assume that leaks in Washington are more the result of aggressive and strategic work by reporters than of insiders who just like to blab.  In this case, I’m guessing that some poor SCOTUS law clerk made the foolish choice to talk to the press off the record, and got in over his or her head to the point where a story would break with or without the facts.  Might as well spill the beans and set the record straight.

The Judiciary might be the one branch of government that can best function with minimal transparency.  Then again, if transparency of the Executive involves Obama making more appearances on The View, maybe we should put some limits on that, too.