Neonazis, Anarchists, and the Freedom of Speech

Today in Sacramento there was a protest and counter-protest that resulted in five hospitalized because of stab wounds.

I get it: nazism, racism, and far-right fringe politics aren’t for normal consumption by normal Americans. It’s not in our blood.

But freedom of speech and freedom of association is.

Today, BAMN, a far-left anarchist group went to the California capitol to counter-protest the Traditional Worker’s Party, the far-right white supremacist group.

It seems like it was a couple of TWP guys marching on the capitol against hundreds of anarchists wielding clubs, mace, and other improvised weapons.

For their safety, hundreds of police officers made protective lines to secure the protesters.

Look, I’m not advocating what the Traditional Worker’s Party is going for, but watching these videos shows to me what kind of bizarre authoritarianism that the far-left stands for and I leave no doubt it can be as dangerous as what they TWP guys stand for.

Despite what the counter protesters did to go against TWP, they ultimately fed into what the White Supremacist group wants – exposure of victim-hood and a reason for other like-minded people to rally around their cause and be recruited into their organization.

If we can’t respect each other’s freedom of speech or freedom of association, what can we respect? We live in a democracy, where we create laws to protect the rights of the minority from the majority.

Yesterday, I thought Brexit was bad, but seeing what violence Americans do to Americans has me shaking my head. As Rodney King said, “Can’t we all get along?”