Why do we bother about Mr. November?

“The nature of modern life is obsession.” – My Triumphs, My Mistakes by Gaius Baltar.

Over a decade ago, the Syfy channel created a media phenomenon that coincided with where our society was going.

In a post-9/11 America, Ronald D, Moore wrote and re-imagined Battlestar Galactica as series that involved the breakdown of civilization, a war on terror, and the political process of a rag-tag fleet on the run from machines created to serve them.
Today, we have shows such as Game of Thrones to escape to when we try to reflect upon our modern political system and civilization, but I think they make poor choices in conveying our humanity and how our political system works.
Humanity is fragile, humanity is survival, and humanity is in a real, Hobbesian mess. We therefore need the Leviathan to let our families, businesses, associations, and churches thrive. We aren’t looking for messiahs in the political process but we are looking for those who will make our civilization work.
Anyone who pretends to be the next Reagan or Kennedy are feeding on our fears about the unknowable future. I’m not sure if the next president, whomever it will be, will be a good president but we as a civilization need to take a cold, hard look about ourselves and move on from the discussion that one man or woman will make our country great again.
Ask yourselves, do we want any shade of Baratheon (I include Cersei in this discussion) to run our country? Even better yet, do we want a Trump or Hilary to run this country?
I’m not sure in this era whether we will find another Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt (both), Jefferson, Jackson, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, or Reagan again.
I think we are setting ourselves for disappointment in this election cycle because whoever’s going to win is going to be a douche.
Americans instead will need to be bold, we need to be industrious, and we need to learn how to imagine again because the next four years the country’s gonna be run by the mad.