Arctic Central to Russian Grand Strategy


According to BBC, the Russian Navy has a new naval doctrine that will focus on the Arctic for its rich mineral supply and utilize Icebreakers in the Arctic to allow Russian ships to access both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Russians will seek to continue their important partnerships with both the Chinese and Indian naval forces in both the Pacific and Indian Ocean respectively.

Furthermore, the Russians will develop strategies to counter NATO in the Atlantic and develop a naval presence in Mediterranean.


It’s no secret since the Russians had annexed Crimea and its naval city Sevastopol while supporting separatists in Donetsk in Ukraine last year that NATO would issue heavy economic sanctions against the belligerent empire and perhaps include military maneuvers designed protect the alliance’s Eastern European¬†countries.

It’s not surprising that the Russians would issue a plan to utilize it’s Black Sea Fleet towards a more aggressive posturing as it has also heighten its belligerency against NATO countries with bombers and fighter planes strafing close to borders at the same frequency as during the Cold War.

As far as its ambitions to develop closer relations with the Chinese Navy, it makes sense for both China and Russia to ally against the United States as China seeks to consolidate its power in the Pacific while fending off from traditional American allies in the Pacific such as Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.


When Marine Commandant Joe Dunford was interviewed last week by the Senate to confirm his appointment as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he testified the greatest threat to American National Security and our allies was Russia and listed non-state terror organizations of ISIS and Al-Qaeda as lower priorities.