Political Culture in the United States and the Eleven Nations that Define It.

Political culture is something many Americans choose not to make as an observation in their everyday political thinking.

In this Tufts Magazine article the author strikes that America isn’t simply about red versus blue states but a greater divide between eleven political nations with their own culture, history, norms, value systems, and level of political tolerance.

I’ve always said one of the hardest parts of making centralized legislation or public policy decisions or implementation is that the one-size fits all model isn’t optimal at the Federal level and this article truly shows why our decentralized way of governance is a perk of living in America.

I’m happy that our politics are regional and our way of domestic politics are relegated towards the local and state-level. Think of how difficult it is for the Federal Government to govern outside its scope (Obamacare and K-12 Education policy) and why the Federal Government needs the States rather the other way around in national policy implementation.