The Political Ostriches

The political ostriches on the Hill need to get their heads out of their holes and resolve their playground antics maturely. I’d even wager to say our Federal Government looks to be run by King Joffery – both viciously and stupidly.

WARNING – Political gut-check here and in essay form:

House Republicans need to understand their mathematics, it’s impossible to repeal Obamacare or defund it with a Democratic President and Senate. Instead of fighting political battles of the past every year look for ways they can match or relate with Obama on domestic policy. It’s already clear that the Republicans can snatch a deal with funding their national security interests with the President, I’m sure there are other avenues where the two can work together.

Senate Democrats and the President need to actually work with the Republican House as they represent over 50% of the American populace – they can’t simply wait it out and they must start a dialog with the other side of the aisle. There are apparently problems when the President can talk to the new president of Iran or have Putin dictate US Syrian policy but he is unwilling to communicate with Speaker Boehner in a constructive or meaningful way.

It might be great political theater and short-term brownie points for either political party, but as fiscal default looms around the corner and our long-term domestic, economic, and foreign interests are at risk, it is perplexing why either party would shutdown government for short-term, ill-gotten gains.

The Greeks and Italians have failed economies and governments due to poor political foresight and laziness, but as far as I know, the US Federal Government will be the first failed superpower by political expediency.