An American’s observations of the British Cinema and the Wolverine

For the past two weeks I have been living an interesting life studying at Cambridge University in England, This will one of a few of my series of cultural observations as I continue my time within this wonderful country.

I Decided The Wolverine 3D was worth watching considering I didn’t want to wait three hours for the next 2D showing.

Some interesting differences: when you buy tickets, you buy your row and seating assignments. Which is something I concur with, seeing how you can just “save” your friend’s seats just by having them just by the bloody seats themselves.

Seeing that the VIP seats were a pound more, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase them.

In the same time, I decided I’d just get a gin and tonic from the bar across the cinema while waiting for the previews to start.

15 minutes after the start of the movie, which was still chalked full of previews, I made my way in. The VIP seats were made of leather and conveniently marked with gold lettering the seat assignments. The seats themselves were above the aisle seats and square in the middle of the second level, providing an optimal view of the movie.

The movie quality, considering it was shot for 4K, was awesome. As always, I never recommend the 3D version, especially for the Wolverine. There were only a few effects in the movie that would justify it.

I won’t give a review of The Wolverine, but I will state that felt like an international thriller more so than a superhero movie. 9/10, would watch again.

In all, I had an wonderful time observing the differences here and I would probably go again if asked given the chance.