New Pope is Chosen, Identity is Yet to Be Revealed.

A new Pope, the bishop of Rome and leader of the Roman Catholic Church, has been chosen according to CNN, but yet his identity has not been revealed publicly.

There has been a lot of speculation of the identity of the successor of Saint Peter: will the next Pope be the traditional Italian, will he be someone from the Americas, or, will he be someone from the developing world in which as has seen the highest gains for the Church within this past century? The last two pontiffs were from North and Central Europe (John Paul being from Poland and Benedict from Germany).

For many Catholics, the ascension of a new Pope marks a powerful opportunity to see change in the two thousand year old religious movement which has been marred by its handling and cover up of priest sexual abuse scandals. With his new ascension, the next Pope will able to appoint new leaders that will administer the working policies and doctrines of the Church.

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