Hugo Chavez’s Last Words

Earlier this week, Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, had died due to complications caused by his cancer. According to one of his closest confidant, General Ornella, Chavez’s last words were “I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die”.

As a revolutionary, botched coup ringleader, and later elected president, Chavez had reigned for fourteen years over the South American country. Known for his attachment to socialism, anti-Americanism, and friendship with other strongmen such as Cuba’s Castro and Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Chavez’s last words strongly contrasted with his verbose and polarizing reputation.

In my opinion, his last words simply implied that he wasn’t ready to die because he had some sort of high ambition or hope he had left unfinished. Conversely, he literally wasn’t ready to perish.

I was never a fan of his rule or his politics, but like any grand figure of history, I’m sure his legacy will live in infamy for his enemies and legend for his supporters.

What do you think about his chosen last words?