US Government Assures World that the Internet Will Remain Free

According to Ars Technica, the United States Government has taken a stance on the internet, at least when it is concerned with other government’s censorship of it. The core principle, according to the resolution by the US Congress:

The policy of the United States to promote a global Internet free from government control and to preserve and advance the successful multi-stakeholder model that governs the Internet.

 Despite this policy statement, many of the stakeholders who have an interest in the free internet such as individuals, technology corporations, and non-profit internet transparency organizations were perplexed during the PIPA/SOPA discussions on Capitol Hill. After all, the government was looking to create a Sarbanes/Oxley regulatory hold on the internet, at least when it came to copyright laws, which of course, caused a firestorm amongst the netizens of the internet.

History has recorded that both of those measures failed due to the advocacy of the interested stakeholders who believe in internet transparency and decentralized governance.

However, the real aims of this resolution and policy stance remain clear. One, it is consistent with United States policy of spreading and maintaining democratic systems across the globe. Two, it sends out a strong message against countries such as China and Iran about their internet censorship policies. Thirdly, the statement was to reconcile with the internet and its netizens about the recent history regarding the United States Government and the internet.

So what is your take about the government’s new spin on internet advocacy, freedom, and transparency?