Global Warming Works in Mysterious Ways

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

The Great Lakes water level is the lowest it’s been in 48 years. Science dudes (a.k.a. hydrologists) say that hotter, dryer summers are causing more of the lakes to be evaporated.

Businesses are being affected. This is news to me, but apparently there is a lot of harbor to harbor shipping in the Great Lakes. With lower water levels in makes it much more difficult for cargo ships to navigate the low waters in harbors.

But I’m ignoring the real issue. No one wants these lakes to be drained, because they are hiding a lot of secrets. Whether it be toxic waste barrels with the company logo on it, cars that were heavily insured then “stolen”, or human corpses chained to cinderblocks some secrets are better left hidden in the past.

Maybe this is a cause that I can get Bono to champion? After all, I did steal the title from him.