Christie Holds Congress Accountable, Congress Outraged

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

“It’s why the American people hate Congress. Unlike the people in Congress, we have actual responsibilities.”

Christie was dropping bombs when Congress refused to vote on a Hurricane Sandy relief bill before the end of the year. Congress was busy resolving the fiscal cliff issue, but Christie made a good point. Hurricane Katrina’s bill got passed after 10 days and Hurricane Andrew’s after 30. It shouldn’t have gotten to the point where the fiscal cliff problem would get in the way. It has been over 65 days since Hurricane Sandy struck the Jersey Shore.

His criticism went further and politicians everywhere are upset with him because he’s raising the bar. There’s an unwritten agreement among this country’s finest politicians that they will all be such lazy shitbags so that no one individual comes off as a lazy shitbag. Christie is threatening to put all that in jeopardy. Because let’s face it, his criticism of Congress will have the desired effect. Within days Congress will grant the state of New Jersey it’s financial aid. Now that this is heavily publicized if they don’t they will be pariahs.

Christie is an American politician who fights for his constituency and holds politicians to a certain level of accountably. At least America has one.