School Kids Need to Practice Their Tackling Skills

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Ever since the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary there has been a lot of dialogue about what should be done to prevent more lives from being lost. There’s been a lot of dialogue about gun control and mental illness, but one author is being mocked for one of her suggestions.

Megan McArdle of The Daily Beast wrote an article titled “There’s Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre”. In her article she makes the case that it’s a pretty hopeless situation and really bums out the reader. But she ends by saying:

“I’d also like us to encourage people to gang rush shooters, rather than following their instincts to hide; if we drilled it into young people that the correct thing to do is for everyone to instantly run at the guy with the gun, these sorts of mass shootings would be less deadly, because even a guy with a very powerful weapon can be brought down by 8-12 unarmed bodies piling on him at once.  Would it work?  Would people do it?  I have no idea; all I can say is that both these things would be more effective than banning rifles with pistol grips.”

We are talking about elementary school kids here, not midgets on speed. You can train young children all you want to attack gunmen but when push comes to shove they are not going to have the fortitude to take on a crazy person with a gun in unison. Besides if gun technology has nothing to do with the problem why weren’t attacks like this nearly as common 50 years ago?

I’ll give McArdle the benefit of the doubt and say that were both wrong. But if I’m going to be wrong I’d rather be with a large contingent saying something that seems to be common sense than be one of a few assholes on Minority Opinion Island. I mean doesn’t restricting guns make more sense than asking elementary school students to summon their inner speed freak.

P.S. I don’t write for The Daily Beast, I’m just a beast daily.