Connecticut Killer Aims for High Score

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Some sick fuck killed 27 people, mostly children, at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut this morning. It’s still early enough that the facts will continue to come in, but some truths remain. Without an assault rifle this crime never could have occurred.

Sure the suspect could have spent the time learning how to build a bomb, but he was never going to do that because he wanted the rush of killing each victim one by one and watching them die. I saw the suspect’s Facebook profile (it was from a non-credible source so I won’t provide the link) and if it is indeed him he lived in New Jersey. I don’t think he randomly traveled to an affluent area of Connecticut to commit this crime. I also don’t think he randomly chose an elementary school. He was going for the maximum shock value and he achieved it. Columbine is the spree murder that set the bar for all these sick fucks and if the facts being reported are correct this guy topped them. He killed more people and younger people.

I don’t care how libertarian a person is assault rifles should be illegal simply because they are designed to maximize killing potential and have no other value. I understand that it would be a restricted freedom, but by having them legalized we just end up restricting freedoms in other ways. Metal detectors in high schools exist because of attacks by assault rifles. So gun nuts can have their assault rifles, but schools full of teenagers who have never committed a crime have to walk through a metal detector every morning being treated like criminals. That sounds about right.

When it comes to guns most people settle into a non-passionate middle ground. Most people think guns should be legal, but assault rifles should not be. However, there are very passionate zero tolerance minorities on both extremes. The gun lobby is smart though. They don’t give up an inch. If they were to concede ground on the assault rifle issue then anti-gun people would simply move on to the next thing. Look at what has happened to smokers. It started with no smoking on airplanes and now people get shit if they smoke off their apartment’s balcony.

For now, the Connecticut shooter has the high score, but it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to break it.