Black Man Can Swim

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

CNN (among other media outlets) recently posted a story about an African-American swimmer who broke a few PAC-12 swimming records and had a decorated career. Sabir Muhammad is now 36. The article highlights the fact Muhammad has opened up a swim school in Atlanta and how awesome it is that he fights the stereotype that black people can’t swim.

I’m sure Muhammad is a perfectly awesome dude and what he’s doing is great and all, but I still don’t understand why black people swimming is news. Frankly, I think the black community should find this article patronizing. It’s just swimming. Of course black people are perfectly capable swimming and swimming well. There’s a black president for God’s sake. If there can be a black president why should we marvel at the fact that some black people have learned to swim?

The statistics in the CNN article are pretty damning. There is about a 30% difference between white and black children who can swim. But, I’m sure it’s due economic factors and not racial ones. Tomorrow I’m sure we’ll be forced to hear the tragic story about that one Asian who is horrible at math.