Creepy Couples Have New Outlet

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Facebook has been the most innovative social media website, but their latest feature won’t have many supporters. Users of the site who are linked by the “in a relationship” status can now create a mutual couples page. In the page you can display your mutual friends, photos, and likes. All in all, it’s pretty fucking creepy.

Most people reading this right now are probably agreeing with me. The same kind of couple that would go for this is the kind that wears the same outfit, does everything together even if one person hates what they’re doing, and only hangs out with other couples. If you disagree with me and are in a relationship, than this is the moment in the course of your relationship where you’ve learned that you are in fact half of a creepy couple.

P.S. On another note, what happens to the couple’s page when the couple breaks up? Do they simply delete it or does Facebook through it’s numerous settings make it so difficult to delete that they have to keep it up? Is that the point at which the woman photoshops that man’s head out of every picture?

P.S.S. Is this how Petraeus’ first mistress found out about the second mistress? Did she stumble onto a newly formed couples page for the two?