Sesame Street Sex Scandal

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

The puppeteer who voices Elmo has been accused of fondling someone who is alive. Kevin Clash has been accused of statutory rape by a 23 year old man who claims he had a relationship with Clash beginning when he was 16. Clash claims the sexual relationship began after the accuser turned 18.

I don’t claim to be an expert of human behavior, but I can usually tell when somebody is lying. When the accuser hires a law firm to represent him and there are no criminal charges, I believe that he’s a liar. It seems like he’s preparing for a civil lawsuit only and victims of a crime usually want their perpetrators to go to jail.

Sandusky’s victims are suing Penn State, but they also gave statements to the authorities and aided greatly in his criminal conviction. Circumstances were different in 2003 when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape in Colorado. Weeks before the trail was set to begin his accuser refused to testify against him, but continued with a civil suit. If Kobe really raped her, why would she only go through with a civil case? Can’t it be about both money and justice?

I may be wrong (After all, there aren’t many facts being reported.), in which case I’ll look like an asshole. But it sounds like the media is being played for chumps and falling right into the accuser’s hands. This story can now make it’s rounds and get a lot of attention just to make for a bigger settlement.

Alternate Title: One Tickle Too Far

Alternate Title 2: Tickle Me Guilty