Even Will Smith Couldn’t Hack It in West Philadelphia

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

No republican presidential candidate has won Pennsylvania in the Fresh Prince era (since 1988); however Mitt Romney is attempting to buck that trend by changing his campaign plans and heading to Philadelphia. Paul Ryan is coming along too, but he’ll be headed to Middletown.

A change of plans wasn’t in the original plan, which has both sides offering explanations for the move. The Obama campaign called the move “an act of desperation”. Those are strong words. I prefer to call it a calculated risk. A candidate can only do so much campaigning in the swing states before his message is falling on deaf ears.

Besides who is to say this move wasn’t planned? Perhaps Romney’s campaign thought that by trying to blitz Pennsylvania late might work because Obama has been campaigning as if that state was a lock.

I’m a little surprised by his choice to go to Philadelphia though. Obama is polling very well in major cities so it seems like Romney could stir up his bases better in the countryside. If Tom Hanks’ portrayal of an AIDS ridden gay man and Denzel Washington’s portrayal of a black man coming to grips with his homophobia is even a remotely accurate cross-section of this city, Good Luck Mitt.