Young Female Voters, Obama Wants to Take Your Virginity

This pro-Obama ad by Lena Dunham, which has been officially endorsed by the O Campaign, is getting lots of attention. Take a watch and you’ll see why — it’s essentially one big double entendre that compares voting for the first time to losing your virginity. It’s clearly aimed at young women who will be casting a presidential ballot for the first time in 2012; so 18 to 22 year-old chicks.

I’d like to think that first-time female voters are smarter than this. Isn’t it a little patronizing? I mean, if a campaign wants to come at us with a youth-oriented, “clever” ad like this, at least make it funny. When you’re only laughing because you agree with the political message, it’s probably not that funny. Not surprisingly, Republicans ain’t laughing.

A little substance might be nice, too. Aside from briefly noting a couple of Big O’s crowning glories (ending the Iraq War, signing the Lilly-Ledbetter Act, and of course Obamacare), this thing doesn’t say much. Oh, but it does tell us that Obama has “beautiful…” something; sorry, she just kind of trails off. Oh, also it lets us know that Romney probably hates women.

I hope that young people who have never voted before, male or female, get out and vote. I really do. And I hope that they do it for a better reason than Lena Dunham telling them to.