Nation Under Siege as President is Blackmailed by Reality TV Star

By Michael Baker

The most enjoyable thing about Donald Trump has always been his shamelessness.  Everything he does is blatant self-promotion, and he does it with a straight face and without apology.  The Donald’s most recent stunt is really something.  Today, Trump publicly offered $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice if the President will make his college and university applications public.

I guess the idea is that those documents might show that O wasn’t born in the USA, as Trump has long implied.  Of course, Obama is not going to hand over the information, and Trump is savvy enough to have known that to begin with.  So what’s the big idea?

The big idea is to get us all thinking, Hey, if Obama is just a normal ‘merican fella like me, why ain’t he willing to turn over all them documents?  After all, if there’s nothing to hide, why not let Trump cut a big fat check for cancer research or the like?  I assume that this kind of tactic will only work on people who were already going to vote for Romney.  That crowd probably contains most of the people who take Trump seriously at this point anyway.

For most, the question of why Obama wouldn’t make the documents public for $5 million to charity has an answer that’s simple enough; and that answer is not that Obama was born in Kenya.  It’s the same reason that I was really pissed off when the President gave in to calls to make his long-form birth certificate public – it’s below the dignity of the United States to give in to the demands of conspiracy theorists.  It cheapens our Nation’s highest Office, and that’s bad for all of us.  Should W have called for a Congressional committee to prove that Middle Eastern terrorists actually took down the World Trade Center?  Of course not, and no one inside of the fringes of society ever would have expected him to do so.

Oh well.  You’ve got to admit, this election is more interesting with someone like the Donald getting involved.  He’s one of a kind, I’ll give him that.