Blinders of Women

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

It’s funny how so many people watched Tuesday night’s presidential debate and different moments stand out in their memories. The most memorable moment to me was Obama’s joke about Romney’s pension. The most memorable moment to Baker was both Obama and Romney dodging the gun control question. For some women that moment was Romney’s comments about women’s pay and role in the workplace.

I’m surprised it became such a big issue because I remember hearing it live and not thinking twice about it. Aside from the “binders of women” remark Romney described a very common scenario in America today. A lot of women work and cook dinner for their family. I don’t see how Romney mentioning a gender role for five seconds makes him sexist. He’s 65 years old, he shouldn’t be judged by our modern standard by women 20-40 years younger than him. He grew up in a completely different era with a different set of rules.

If you want to make the claim that a presidential candidate shouldn’t say anything like that regardless of their background, OK fine. But the type of woman who was outraged by Romney’s comments generally wasn’t the type that was going to vote for him anyways.