A Play by Play of the Second Presidential Debate

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

They didn’t play nice, but they played nicer. Obama wasn’t as polite and Romney was less abrasive, but there were still plenty of interruptions.

Obama made a funny when Romney asked him about his pension and he said something to effect of, “I don’t check my pension that often. There’s not as much money in mine as there is in yours” (I may have the wording off by a little bit.). I felt Romney clearly won the first debate, this one was more give and take but I feel like Obama won. He continued what Biden started by holding the Romney campaign accountable for their lies at every turn.

Romney’s major coup of the night was catching Obama in a lie over when his administration acknowledged the assassination of the Ambassador in Libya was a terrorist attack. Obama initially said it was the next day when in fact it was weeks later. I don’t think this hurt Obama that much since it wasn’t about policy.

This one was a lot more boring than the first two debates, so if you didn’t watch it be glad you saved your time. I did another timeline with some of my reactions to the high points of the evening.

6:02PM           Candidates introduced. They inverted ties this time. Obama is wearing red and Romney is wearing blue. How very odd.

6:03PM           The kid who asked the first question was so nervous. Get a grip pimple face.

6:06PM           With this town hall format the candidates are allowed to state their ideas uninterrupted. What the fuck is this?

6:10PM           Obama just called Romney a liar. (This is the first accusation of lying tonight.) HERE WE GO.

6:16PM           Obama just called Romney a liar again while talking about energy sources.

6:18PM           Energy bickering has begun. Romney just staged a rebuttal out of turn. Both candidates are now standing and talking. Anarchy has taken hold.

6:20PM           Romney is testing really poorly on CNN’s meter right now. I can’t tell if people are put off by his abrasive approach or his explanations on his energy policy.

6:22PM           Romney stands up and steals the stage again for a rebuttal, completely ignores the moderator’s request to move on to the next question. During these comments he tested very low on CNN’s meter.

6:31PM           Obama thought about interrupting when Mitt was talking tax cuts.

6:36PM           Mitt, Barack and the moderator are all talking over each other trying to get to the next question.

6:39PM           Were about to find out what Mitt thinks about women.

6:42PM           Romney turns his thoughts on women’s pay into a discussion on the economy.

6:46PM           Mitt tries to stage a rebuttal on the last topic after a new question is asked. Obama insists that the moderator enforces the rules.

6:54PM           Obama speaks over the moderator and takes an extra 30 seconds.

6:57PM           Mitt is talking unemployment and is flat lining on CNN’s meter.

7:06PM           Romney interrupts the moderator then Obama to stage a very lengthy rebuttal on illegal immigration.

7:13PM           Romney blames Obama for civil war in Syria.

7:16PM           Obama interrupts Romney and the moderator on the issue of the assassination of the Ambassador in Libya.

7:22PM           Obama and Romney generally agree on assault weapons. Agreement doesn’t make for good television.

7:25PM           Obama interrupts the moderator to finish idea.

7:26PM           Another economy question was just asked. Here we go again.

7:29PM           Romney says that Obamacare kills jobs for like the fifth time.

7:40PM           Debates ends ten minutes late because of all the interruptions.