Clinton Takes Responsibility for Ambassador’s Death, Cites “Women’s Troubles”

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

That title is a lie. I figured since all our presidential and vice presidential candidates are lying for personal gain, I would too. Clinton did accept responsibility for the lack of security, but did not blame it on women’s troubles. Though the lapse of judgment may have been caused by women’s troubles, she didn’t say that was the cause.

Obama and Biden deny having knowledge of the request for additional security in Libya. Romney and Ryan claim that the Obama administration had knowledge of the security request and did nothing. Someone has to be lying. The tickets have both lied so much it’s hard to trust either of them. Clinton has a vested interest to lie for her boss, because if he loses she will be out of a job. Since no one’s word can be trusted to draw a common sense conclusion I’ll look at the facts.

Obama has been a competent president. There’s one of two scenarios that unfolded as far as I can see. Either he was never handed the information as he claims. Or he was given the information, but it’s importance was not stressed to him and the information was ignored. Now can we please talk about what really matters? Obama is going to strip down our military and Romney has no economic plan.