Old Man Winter vs. Citizen Gorgeous

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

They put on a show at the vice presidential debate Thursday night. Biden was on the offensive and called out Ryan whenever he felt that he was lying. (He thought that he was lying a lot.) Ryan was a cool customer, while Biden got very emotional. If I had to choose who won I’d go with Biden simply because I think he came off as more believable, but this was just a JV match so who really cares.

I produced another timeline of my thoughts in real time as the debate was going on. I’m sure I’ll have more reaction in the coming days if we see any movement in the polls.

6:00PM           The debate to decide who would make a better president in the event of an assassination or massive coronary is about to begin.

6:01PM           They’ll only let women moderate the VP debate. There really is a glass ceiling.

6:03PM           Moderator alludes to 9-11. That was fast.

6:05PM           Ryan: Our hypothetical administration would have been able to save the Ambassador in Libya.

6:07PM           Biden mouths “that isn’t true” to something Ryan said about the stance of the Obama administration on Libya.

6:09PM           Biden is calling Ryan out on his lies. (I think this is a theme were going to see throughout the debate.)

6:11PM           Ryan: There were requests for extra security. (Who would know if the Obama administration knew about the request Biden or Ryan?)

6:13PM           The moderator acknowledges both Obama and Romney would use military action in Iran if necessary to stop their nuclear program. If they agree why do we need to talk about this?

6:18PM           The moderator calls Ryan out on his wacky timeline and Joe Biden is delighted.

6:20PM           Biden: Facts matter.

6:25PM           Biden turns a discussion on jobs into an attack on upper class tax cuts. I have no idea how he got here?

6:26PM           Ryan claims that because unemployment is up in Scranton that Obama can’t fix the economy. I’m pretty sure Scranton is a town in perpetual recession though.

6:30PM           Biden’s blaming Paul Ryan specifically for the fall of the economy in 2008. C’mon man, that’s a stretch.

6:38PM           Biden: [LIAR! LIAR!!] (On Ryan’s comments about Obamacare.)

6:39PM           Biden is way more emotion that Ryan, Romney, or Obama and I can’t say that’s a bad thing.

6:42PM           Biden’s personality flaws are showing. Ryan’s political flaws are showing.

6:42PM           Moderator says that Ryan and Bush shared a stance on health care. Ryan immediately moves on.

6:43PM           There is a lot more back and forth in this debate than the first one. They aren’t taking turns and they are responding to each other directly quite a bit. It actually feels like a debate contrary to the first one.

6:45PM           Biden’s testing through the roof talking about tax structure. It’ll be interesting to see how Ryan responds.

6:47PM           Ryan just basically said if they create jobs what does it matter who they tax. That’s not going to sound good the middle class Paul.

6:49PM           Ryan compares Romney to Reagan.

6:50PM           The more Paul Ryan does math, the worse he does on CNN’s meter.

6:52PM           They are now continually talking over each other. This is awesome.

7:00PM           They are talking Afghanistan now and things have gotten pretty mellow. They seem to be in agreement on this issue. Boring.

7:05PM           Their stance of Afghanistan is fairly similar. I’m surprised they’re spending so much time on this portion.

7:09PM           Biden is now calling Romney out for lying about how he would deploy troops.

7:11PM           Ryan: We would not go through the U.N. on all these things. (He was referencing the situation in Syria when he said this. That sounds a lot like George W. Bush.)

7:17PM           They both have trouble spitting out their abortion stance.

7:21PM           Biden sounds tired. He’s really mellowed out.

7:26PM           Ryan: Obama breaks promises.

7:27PM           Ryan: I can bring honesty to this position. (You’re a politician. Name the last day you haven’t told a lie?)

7:29PM           Joe just make your closing statement and then you can take a nap.