Old School

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

I was sniffing around Huffington Post today when I found an article by Brenda Peterson saying that Romney didn’t win women’s votes with his debate performance on Wednesday night. Her argument wasn’t empirical. She claims that Romney’s aggressive debating style is a put off to women, a demographic where he is hurting. I think she’s right that some women were rubbed the wrong way, but those same women are probably liberal and weren’t going to vote for him anyways.

She called his style masculine, and lumped him in with all other old school politicians. It’s just hard for me to understand the sentiment that being old school is automatically a bad thing. Mitt Romney is an old school white guy. He was handed a lot of advantages, but he took full advantage of them. He started businesses and provided for his family. A man providing for his family is a pretty old school notion, but it’s noble and certainly not a bad thing.

An old school mentality is bad when there’s a case like Joe Paterno’s. It’s an old school notion to sweep certain things under the rug and that’s just what he did. In that case being old school is horrific. Mitt being abrasive with Lehrer and Obama (who can take care of themselves by the way) isn’t a case of old school being bad. CNN says that 67% of people polled thought that Mitt won the debate, unless that sample was very dong heavy, plenty of women thought he looked old school and it won them over.