Romney Unveils New Badass Image, Obama Inappropriately Amused

By Michael Baker

The general consensus seems to be that Mitt Romney won the first Presidential debate hands down.  Clearly he came at this one with all he had.  It was a whirlwind of aggression, interruptions, and well-rehearsed talking points.  And all that O could do is stand there and smirk.

As expected, the debate was devoid of any substance.  I can honestly say that I don’t know anything about either candidate that I didn’t know before the debate.  Oh, except that now I know Obama’s anniversary.  Not only did the candidates say very little of substance, but what they did say was primarily untrue.  It’s strange how comfortable Americans have become with being lied to.  Shouldn’t we all care a lot?  Shouldn’t we be insulted?  Probably.

But in any case, the polls indicate that Mitt is the definitive winner of the first debate.  He was clearly ready to rumble, while Obama seemed like he’d rather be in bed.  Americans like their information loud, truncated, and primarily inaccurate, so they really ate up what Mitt had to say.  And let’s not forget that challengers tend to be perceived as the winner in the first debate of any election, especially when they’re willing to go after the incumbent in the way that Mitt did.

We’ll see what effect it actually has on the election, but I suspect that Mitt’s big win might fade from memory when people start to consider that neither candidate really said much.  Obama’s already back on the campaign trail digging in to many of Mitt’s questionable statements.  Romney had passion, but he came off as a bit of a bully.  And he sure did show that pussy Jim Lehrer who’s boss.