Mitt Needs to Learn the Office Dress Code

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

I don’t have a problem with what Mitt Romney said about the 47%. I think at it’s core he’s right. Poor people are going to vote for Obama. Conversely, the rich are going to vote for Romney. This is nothing new. People vote for politicians based on the circumstances of their lives every election.

I also don’t have a problem with the joke he made that if he were Mexican he would be more likely to win. Again, I think he’s right. It was also kind of funny.

I think most people who’ve listened to his comments shouldn’t be bothered by his words. What’s distressing to me is that fact that he didn’t realize he shouldn’t say those things when someone is recording. I can’t remember in 2008 Obama or McCain get caught with their foot in their mouths like this.

It’s like wearing a suit to an interview. The employer knows that you’re not going to wear that suit everyday. The employer just wants the knowledge that you know you’re supposed to own one and wear it to the interview. It’s a formality, but we expect our presidents to know the rule.