Michelle Obama’s Novel Idea

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

At the DNC on Tuesday night there were several speakers, but the headliner was First Lady Michelle Obama. She did something I never thought we’d see in politics again: self-promote. Last week I saw Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about how Barack Obama has failed the country and we should all excitedly elect “Not Barack Obama”. Michelle Obama gave a speech tonight where she touted the merits of Barack Obama.

I mean JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I don’t think she even mentioned Mitt Romney by name. I’m pretty sure she never used the words Democrat or Republican. What kind of madness is this? Is she implying that we come together regardless of party affiliation? That’s just lunacy.

I guess this is just the advantage of going 2nd. The Republicans came off well last week and their message was well received, as Mitt Romney got about a 1% bump in the polls. However, they were really on the offensive.

A little self-promotion tonight in lieu of trash talking was very refreshing. We have two more days and then we’ll see if Obama gets a post-convention bump of his own.