Obama Spends Too Much Time with Family, Not Enough with Pudgy White Dudes

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Recently criticism has risen that President Obama spends his evenings with his family from 6-9pm. My first thought on hearing this is: What’s the problem?

The problem is that Bill Clinton spent his evenings having dinners and hanging out with Congressmen. Thus he allegedly created a less bipartisan Congress. If he created such a good culture of cooperation and understanding, why did Congress attempt to impeach his ass in 1998?

What kind of standard are we holding our presidents to? Clinton was criticized for not being a good enough family man. Obama is now criticized for being too big of a family man. However, in Obama’s case the criticism is that he’s only working 10-12 hour days and is not going out boozing at night.

I think this has to fall in the category of nobody’s perfect. If he went out every night and wined and dined Congressmen that could incrementally improve the functionality of Congress, but his family life would suffer. Besides I have a hard time believing he can’t do all the necessary work on his own terms.