Paul Ryan Goes Par for the Course

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Chris Christie became the first Republican heavyweight to speak at the RNC Tuesday night. (By the way, that wasn’t a fat joke. This aside is.) Wednesday really got the convention rolling with speakers Mike Huckabee, Condoleezza Rice, and Paul Ryan.

Let’s face it. Presidential elections are a lot like the U.S. Open. The goal is to go par for the course. These guys all look good, by not looking bad. Paul Ryan did just that Wednesday night. He didn’t overly attack Obama. (He let his pitbull Huckabee do that.) His primary criticism of the current administration was on the staleness of the economy and that a change would be good. He even referenced a story from his home state of Wisconsin where Obama promised improvements to the economy in front of a factory. That factory shut down within a year. (It’s probably a true story, but somewhere in depths of my brain I still think he’s ripping off a Bruce Springsteen lyric.)

I was impressed, as I’ve already alluded to, by the conviction of Mike Huckabee. He was very blunt in his criticisms of Barack Obama saying things like:

“For four years, we’ve given a chance to a man with very limited experience in governing, no experience in business whatsoever and since taking office, mostly interested in campaigning, blaming and aiming excuses at his predecessor.”

In retrospect, he was an excellent selection to be a speaker. As a TV host he benefits from saying these polarizing things. Even though several other politicians believe them they want to play nice-nice with the other side. Like I already said, Ryan did fine and they went par for the course today. However, unlike the U.S. Open you don’t just have to score par one weekend, we’ve got two more months.