Paul Supporters Boo, Isaac Continues to Steal Show

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

The Republican National Convention was originally supposed to run Monday through Thursday of this week. Due to all the rain caused by Tropical Storm Isaac the convention cancelled Monday. On Tuesday as now Hurricane Isaac made landfall in New Orleans, the convention got underway but is being outshined nationally by hurricane coverage.

I’ve already stated that I think Hurricane Isaac is going to end up being a whole load of nothing. Meanwhile it’s news coverage is trumping what’s going on at the RNC. One of the biggest stories of the night is Ron Paul’s supporters booing at times. He refused to speak because his speech was going to need to be approved by the Romney campaign. Furthermore, they would not announce the delegate totals as Romney was handed the nomination so Paul didn’t know what kind of impact he really had. It all seemed a little petty on both sides.

That got me to thinking, is it such a bad thing for your political party’s convention to occur under the radar? Party unity is a big deal at these conventions, but this Ron Paul story may not get that much attention. Politics being a game where your goal is to not look bad rather than look good, having a convention that goes unnoticed might do more good than having millions of eyeballs overanalyzing every word. That being said, there’s still two more days to go.