The Empire Strikes Back

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

I didn’t pay to much attention to the Republican deadline to allow Todd Akin to withdraw from his Senate race because I just assumed that he would. When I look back on it why should he give up his spot in the Senate race?

The threat was that Republican leadership would pull all funding in an effort to sabotage his chances. Everything I’ve read is that Republicans viewed this Senate race as very winnable before Akin made his comments. How likely is it that my friend, Michael Baker, is right and Akin can still win this thing? Obviously it’s unquantifiable but this is Missouri and his conservative constituency there may not have given his comments much thought.

That got me thinking about how are things going to play out if he wins?

He would be put in a unique position where he’s essentially a partisan free agent. He wouldn’t get party pressure to vote certain ways because his party has already told him to fuck off. He could go rogue and be the type of politician we want all politicians to be. He could make decisions based on what he believes rather than what his party believes. He wouldn’t be answering to anyone other than his constituency.

I doubt it’s going to play out like this, but I would pay good money to see such a circus. I guess I could donate to the Todd Akin Senate campaign. I heard somewhere they need the money.