Controversy in Scrabblonia

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

The stress for an amateur scrabble player is unquantifiable. From knowing all the two letter words that can be made with Q, X, and Z to knowing as many seven letter bingo combinations as possible, it a world filled with panic attacks and lost sleep.

At a Division 3 Scrabble tournament in Orlando a tween was ejected for cheating. Scrabble officials will not name the cheating participant, but this lowlife has some questions to answer. After his 2nd round match he pocketed the two blank squares, which can be used to represent any letter. They are a huge tactical advantage to have. His maniacal plan was to slip them onto his letter bar in his next match.

What I don’t understand is how someone who’s smart enough to compete in Scrabble at a national level could be so stupid. When the next pairing plays with that set at the conclusion of their game they’ll notice that no blank tiles were played. In the cheater’s game four blank tiles will be played. He would basically be giving Scrabble referees a DNA match. The alert Scrabble pairing counted the tiles prior to playing their match and noticed that two tiles were missing. The culprit was questioned and immediately confessed. In fact, when the heat was ratcheting up he was spotted trying to drop them in a crowd of fellow players.

Stealing blank tiles equates to hard time. The 1st prize in this tournament was $10,000 so that’s no joke. To all the kids out there: I’m not an advocate of cheating, but if you’re going to cheat do a better job of not getting caught.