It’s Pointless to Compare Vice Presidential Candidates

By Michael Baker

Ok, so it’s Paul Ryan.  And now the real race for the Whitehouse begins.  In the coming months we’ll see a few Obama/Romney debates and one Biden/Ryan debate.  While all political debates are a complete waste of time (unless you just really love to watch people ignore every question to regurgitate their prepared remarks), the Vice Presidential debate is completely worthless.

Think about it – why on Earth should we care about whether Joe Biden is better than Paul Ryan?  The primary responsibility of the VP is to wait in the wings in case the President becomes unable to fulfill his duty for one reason or another (and to be an occasional source of mild embarrassment for the Administration and the Country as a whole).  So shouldn’t we really care about how a vice presidential candidate stacks up against the opposing candidate for president?

So the game we should really be playing is a comparison of Biden to Romney and Ryan to Obama.  Hmmm, when you think of it that way, maybe we don’t have the worst presidential candidates possible.