Finally a Teenager Who Shows a Little Ambition

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Parents are always telling their kids that they need an after school activity and finally when one finds one the sheriff’s office has to get involved.

An unnamed 17 year old male living just outside of Cincinnati faces multiple charges including possessing, cultivating and trafficking in marijuana. The unnamed teenager, who I will now only refer to as “My Hero”, was selling up to $20,000 per month in marijuana to teenagers at local high schools. The plants seized at three separate locations are valued at about $3 million. Authorities referred to him as “intelligent”, but “misguided”.

While I agree he was misguided, I want to focus on his intelligence. My Hero, starting at only 15 years of age ran a small business more profitable than 99% of start up companies. He had six lieutenants to coordinate, who each had underlings of their own. The ages of people arrested who worked underneath him ranged from 20 to 58. I can’t even fathom full grown adults taking this kid’s orders seriously. Although, when he opens up a garage containing hundreds of well groomed plants, any drug dealer is going to take that seriously. One hard rule that My Hero had to help avoid detection was not to sell on school grounds. Even though the buyers are corralled there, there are a lot more scanning eyeballs glued to campus activity.

I don’t know if My Hero has prior convictions or what sentencing guidelines he’s going to face. I hope he gets a good lawyer, God knows he can afford one, and gets out of jail quickly. He doesn’t sound like a danger to society and if given the opportunity could be an asset to society on the right side of the law.