Is Daniel Tosh the World’s Biggest Jerk?

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

In a standup appearance on Friday night Daniel Tosh made a rape joke that is a part of his regular routine, which offended one woman in the audience. After the show this woman wrote a pithy blog post about how offended she was in the moment (unaffiliated with I was shocked at how unified the criticism of Tosh seemed to be. Comedians say things that can be perceived as offensive all the time and I don’t see how this case is any different. The club owner has defended Tosh saying that it was not as bad as she described.

If he’s done the joke several times with no vitriol, isn’t this woman the outlier? Let’s assume middle ground from the blogger and the club owner for one moment. Let’s assume he does one stand up act each week for 100 people per show for a year. (I have no idea what the actual numbers are.) That’s 5,200 people and only one is offended. Who’s the fish out of water?

He’s a comedian. He’s going to say what he has to say to get laughs and he’s very good it. Also, if you’re paying $100 to see him you should probably know what the deal was before you got there. Isn’t this guy aired on Comedy Central like twenty times a week?

Now we’ve gotten the Viacom influenced apology from Tosh, almost like it’s an admission of guilt. What happened to the days where we would just give someone like Tosh a mulligan?