Abortcalypse Now

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Mississippi has creatively thought of a way to get rid of abortion in their state. Lawmakers there have established a set of regulations that are so unreasonable to follow, there is only one abortion clinic remaining in the state and it’s hanging by a thread. This wouldn’t make abortion in Mississippi illegal; it would simply mean there aren’t adequate facilities.

I’m shocked to learn that there is only one abortion clinic in Mississippi, not to mention the fact that it’s on the cusp of being shut down. If Mississippi can get away with this in Federal Court this could end up being a very dangerous trend. The states surrounding Mississippi are the most likely to copy their blueprint and not provide accessibility to women seeking out abortions. This could lead to a future where a woman would have to travel several hundred miles to get to the nearest abortion clinic. If that happens there will probably be a lot of unwanted children being born draining our system of resources.

Supporters say that the regulations are designed to “protect women from unscrupulous practitioners”. However, they are protecting them by trying to eliminate any avenue for them to get an abortion. If they are really trying to protect women I’m not sure this is the best way to go. What’s worse for a woman than having a child that she can’t support? What’s worse for children than having a mother who can’t support them?