FBI Investigating Paterno’s Culture of Scandal

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

Louis Freeh of the FBI is investigating how Paterno’s handling of other internal issues at Penn State may have had an impact in the Jerry Sandusky situation. Paterno had ongoing disagreements with Dr. Vicky Triponey, the vice president of student affairs in charge of disciplining students.

Paterno did not want Triponey to go public with all illegal activities or violations of the student code. He wanted to be the one responsible for punishment of his players. Triponey believed that over the years Paterno was very disrespectful towards her in his efforts to get his way on the issue.

Things between the two boiled over in 2007 when over ten Penn State football players crashed an off campus party and eventually incited a brawl. After the incident Triponey faced so much criticism within the Penn State community she decided to resign.

To me this seems like a pointless investigation because this isn’t solely Penn State issue. This kind of stuff goes on in all football programs. They bend the rules in any way they can to protect the image of the program. There is a difference between inciting a public brawl and child molestation. However, I would guess that similar fighting situations have been similarly covered up at Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, etc. There was an obvious misjudgment by the university in the case of Sandusky, but sweeping minor incidents under the rug to them is the equivalent of a white lie.