The Ultimate Case of the Munchies

By Eric Zanzucchi (@ericzanzucchi)

The toxicology tests on Rudy Eugene, who is the now famous face eating cannibal out of Florida, are in. The only drug found in his system was marijuana. There was no alcohol, prescription drugs, or other street drugs involved.


Initially there had been the belief that he was high on either LSD or bath salts, since the crime was so extremely violent, but no it was solely marijuana.

There are over three million daily marijuana smokers in the United States today, and this is what they do when they’re high? I’ve heard of the munchies, but there’s probably a fast food place within a couple of blocks. Couldn’t this guy show a little restraint and make the five minute walk? Also, if you had to eat someone, why would you choose a homeless man? I mean they can’t possibly taste as good as someone who’s showering.

I’m a little upset that this happened because now we’ve given anecdotal evidence to all those people out there who have developed their opinion on marijuana from after school specials (Is it a coincidence that this was posted by Fox News?). You know those types of videos where the kids get so high on pot that they decide to do something stupid and ruin their lives. Let’s call off the witch hunt before it starts. This is just one guy who had a lot of demons and it’s an isolated incident.